Monday, March 26, 2007

The Lion of March

As March draws to a close, I would like to share this article that has taught me a very valuable lesson in life..

The Lion of March

The familiar saying tells us if March comes in like a lion it leaves like a lamb. If we are predicting weather, then the saying serves us well. But if we are using it to describe people, then which would be better: to live as a lion and leave like a lamb or to live like a lamb and leave like a lion? For one person named Mary, the choice was simple.

Those who knew Mary would never describe her as a lion. She was a lamb. Mary lived a quiet life of service. She was always helping others and volunteered for several organizations in her community. While she worked as a telephone operator for most her life, her many grandchildren knew her as a teacher, nurse and friend. Everyone loved Mary.

Mary lived a life of peaceful, unassuming dignity. When she passed away a few years ago her obituary was on the front page of the newspaper's local section. It seems this humble, gentle person had made a big impact with her passing. She left one million dollars in her will to be divided among a few local charities.

Those who knew her were surprised only by the amount , not by the sentiment. She never wore fancy clothes, took elaborate vacations or ate at the finest restaurants. That , as the newspaper article pointed out, is why she had so much to leave to charity and to her grandchildren. The representatives of the charities were all quoted in the article. They counted the many wonderful things they would be able to do for others with Mary's gifts. In many cases the good works were merely a continuation of what Mary had volunteered to do during her life.

Mary lived her entire life as a lamb. It was only when she left this life, that she revealed her true nature. She was a lion! Sometimes the quietest and meekest among us make the biggest impact. It is only on the last day, the last chapter, the last act, that true lions reveal themselves.

Mary's life is a perfect example of how we can all be both a lion and a lamb. The importance is not in what we are, but what we choose to become.

What are we then? Are we lions wanting to show to the world everything that we had done in service and act? Are we in love with our life's achievement and give ourselves a pat on the back? Do we want to live our lives as lions or as lambs?

Jesus came down to earth as a lamb, lowly and meek, He was born in a manger not a hotel room, He came down to serve not to be served, He was a man of sorrow, tears and agony. His whole life was centered on giving Himself to the people in need. He had compassion for them. When He was betrayed by Judas, He did not defend himself but remain quiet throughout the trial process and chose to bear the cross with excruciating pain. People at that time sure thought He was a loser, but they were wrong. He died and rose up again on the 3rd day. His work had finished, He had conquered sin and death. He lived His life as a Lamb but indeed He leave as a Lion.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Dedication

Am dedicating this blog to my friends ( Connie, Choon Sheen, and Laura) who had been with me the past 3 and 1/2 years in Penang.

To Connie - When I first came back to Penang, you welcome me and took me in. You introduced me to the church members and you provided support when I didnt have friends. I came to know alot of people through you, and we became fast friends after that. I enjoyed the times where we go watch movies in the cinema and my house. Also when we go shopping and doing stuff together. Since you have gone back to KL, I lost one shopping/movie/activity partner.. really miss the good ol' times we had.. .really miss the laughter and joy we are always jovial and happy and we tend to complement each other on that.

To Choon Sheen - You have also been one of the people that I can click with in church. Though, you dont have much time because of your research, yet you take out the time to spend it with me. Really appreciate that. Also perhaps because we could speak mandarin, so we sort of like click..and have a lot of fun times talking about rubbish and also bottomline we do share problems together and listening ear. Thank you for your friendship, and will miss you when you are going away soon .

To Laura - Though I know you the longest since bible camp, I didnt really get to know you that well until we started have bible study. You have always been a source of good counsel and listening ear to all three of us. You are generous with your sharing to us, and really thank you for that. You are also a good shoulder to cry on and a good support system to us and to me also. Thank you.

Friends will come and go, but I take this opportunity to thank all three of you and how you have touched my life without knowing it in your own sweet way. I wish you all three the best. Take care my dear friends..